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Finally got it

End of June. I'm out of here.

Punched out all the numbers and I can get out of here at the end of June.

The numbers though, very despressing.

I won't be able to do a thing until I move, and well, for a while.

My debit card is going to get very cold.

Oh helpful linkage

Doing some research and the area that I'm searching around (1 hour's radius of Philadelphia) seems to be ok. The cost of living around there is cheaper than here in SF. So thats a good thing, I could probably squeeze the same amount of pay out of someone out there.

But I need to get closer to the water.         

New Date

Not a specific date, but a big month change.

I'm not waiting til December for my move, its going to be in September.

*looks at calendar*

HOLY SHIT! Thats 6 months away!!

I can do it. I know I can do it.

It shouldn't be too hot across the rest of the states for me to travel across.

I need a nice map that shows me seasonal temperatures or something for the US during each season so I can check up on it.

What is the weather like in September on the East Coast?


I need to find out the seasonal patterns out on the EC.

Its seems here in California that summer is longer than it is on the East Coast, but EC summers seem more brutal.

And the winters in the EC can be harsh, as WC winters are just wet and depresssing.

To me, snow > rain.

My Summary:

West Coast
Summer: Long and nice
Spring: Green
Fall: Smells good
Winter: Wet and depressing

East Coast
Summer: Too short and brutal
Spring: ?
Fall: ?
Winter: Long and snowy and harsh

Checked off

I know I got one thing covered for my ride out.


Oh yeah. Lemme see... 5 OLP albums... thats about 5 hours. Then... Chikinki, with now 3 albums, another 3 hours. I got Discworld on CD and thats about 5 hours-ish.

Oh yeah, the ears are covered.

Going East

Don't forget while figuring out the cost of your road trip. Gas gets cheaper as you head east. Just another reason to hop on to 80E. Just think of the money you'll save.


So with my move being aimed toward the end of the year, one thing comes to mind.


And then that makes me think about how I have never driven in snow. I've been in cars while someone else was driving in the snow, but I haven't done the actual driving.

Now I don't know the patterns of the weather for the East Coast, or the part of the Midwest that I'll be driving through, but I think I'll be ok. If my memory serves me right, most of the snow and bad weather occurs after the new year.

*crosses fingers*

I'm thankful that I won't be traveling during the summer, I'd have to add more money to my gas budget to compensate for the A/C being in use half of the time.

Do people actually put chains on thier cars still? Will I even need these on the East Coast, or on the way out there?


A lil' mo' 411

Not sure where this community is headed, all I really wanted was to create another blog strictly about my move. I don't know how I'm gonna manage users, but comments are always welcome.

So, yeah.

In the beginning....

Today it began. I sat down looking at the mileage. I'm trying to figure out if I want to head to Arkansas on my way over to the East Coast or not. But doing the math, its only a 250 mile difference, and when you're already traveling 3000+, 250 really isn't that much.